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The elegant, climate friendly answer to the age-old “What’s for dinner?”

Personalized Nutrition

Kuri adapts to your very own set of dietary preferences and restrictions. 


Kuri reduces your footprint by suggesting low-carbon, delicious meals. No compromise on deliciousness.

Seasonal near you

Kuri takes seasonality to the next level, and adapts its suggestions every month with what your local farmers are harvesting.

Recipes you will love.

It’s a match!

Kuri curates recipes based on your cooking experience, dietary preferences, lifestyle and values.

Whether you’re a Michelin-starred chef or a cup noodles kinda human…
Kuri got your back!

Personalized meal plans
& grocery lists

Your next meals, figured out

Kuri builds unique meal plans, adapted to your needs & what’s in your fridge

Your shopping list, in synch with your meal plans, makes grocery shopping effortlessly easy.

Eating seasonal & local
has never been this easy.

What’s in season?

Kuri keeps track of what’s in-season in your region, and promotes local, seasonal meals accordingly.

  • Eat more seasonal
  • Eat fresh, local produce
  • Support local agriculture

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